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Acid Soak Solution

Acid soak solution is used to presoak wool, silk and other animal protein fibers before hand-painting them with dye solution. It can be stored indefinitely in a closed container and reused to soak more fiber.

Use this page to get instructions for mixing up a batch of acid soak solution. Select a dye type, an acid and enter the volume of solution you want to make. Click on the Submit button to display the instructions and a label for the container.


Please read the Safety Tips before proceeding!

Step 1. Choose a container

Choose a container with a tightly fitting cap for storing the acid soak solution. Print this page, cut out the label and tape it to the container.

  • Acid Soak Solution
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  • 10-03-2023

Step 2. Mix the ingredients

Add the following ingredients to your container and mix well.