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Dyeing Tips

  1. If your dye stock solution becomes gelatinous, warm it up to liquefy it and make it easier to measure.

  2. To get solid, even shades, soak your yarn in the dye bath before adding the acid. Slowly heat up the dye bath to the right temperature and then add the acid. Move the yarn to one side of the dye pot to avoid pouring the acid directly onto the yarn. Stir gently to evenly distribute the acid.

  3. To get a tonal effect, place dry or pre-soaked yarn into the dye bath without any dye. Layer the colors onto the yarn by adding each color to the dye bath separately. Wait for the dye bath to completely exhaust before adding the next color.

  4. Get uneven results by not pre-soaking the yarn before adding it to the dye bath.

  5. Keep your yarn from tangling in the dye bath by clipping a plastic shower ring around the skein.

  6. If your dye bath has not fully exhausted after maintaining the right temperature for 60 minutes, add additional acid. Add up to half the original amount of acid a little at a time and continue processing for another 15 to 30 minutes.