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Safety Tips

1. Never eat, drink or prepare food while working in your dye studio.

2. Never use any of your dyeing vessels or tools for food preparation.

3. Clearly label all of your tools FOR DYE USE ONLY and store them in a separate location away from food preparation utensils.

4. Keep children and pets out of the room while dyeing.

5. Store all dye products and auxillary chemicals beyond the reach of children and pets.

6. Clearly label the containers of all dye stock solutions and other solutions and store them beyond the reach of children and pets.

7. Never use any dye product or other chemical without first learning about it. Go to the supplier's website and review the product description, handling information and safety data sheet before using the product.

8. Follow the instructions provided by the supplier for dye products and other chemicals.

9. When working with dye powders, wear a disposable dusk mask and turn off fans and close windows to avoid air movement. Cover your work surface with dampened paper towels to trap any loose dye particles.

10. Wear rubber, latex or nitrile gloves when mixing dye solutions or handling other solutions and chemicals.

11. Keep your workspace orderly and free of tripping hazards.

12. Wear glasses or safety glasses when stirring or manipulating the fibers in the dye pot and avoid inhaling the steam.

13. Good ventilation is important while the dye bath is simmering, so open a window and turn on the ventilation fan.

14. Be careful when lifting heavy pots and never try to lift a hot dye pot.

15. Always wait for your fibers to cool completely before handling them.