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  • Color in Spinning, by Deb Menz

    This comprehensive manual, written for hand spinners, presents in-depth discussions about color principles most useful to spinners, step-by-step instructions for immersion dyeing and painting rovings, and various techniques for blending colors and fibers to produce multicolored yarns.

  • Complex Color - Color Mixing for WashFast Acid Dye, by Susan Rex

    A compact and informative book containing hundreds of color recipes and valuable information about color theory, dyeing with WashFast acid dyes and the characteristics of specific colors and how they interact with other colors.

  • Dyeing Wool and Other Protein Fibers - An Introduction to Acid Dyes, by Susan Rex

    A comprehensive guide to dyeing wool, silk and other animal protein fibers with acid dyes.

  • Synthetic Dyes for Natural Fibers, by Linda Knutson

    A textbook for dyeing with synthetic dyes. Includes information about the chemistry of dyeing animal and plant fibers, color theory and color mixing and dyeing procedures.