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Get Started

Step 1: Join Dyebook — it's free!

Dyebook has useful information and fun tools that anyone can use, but you have to be a member to purchase color formulas and to add free color formulas to your library. You also need to be a member to subscribe to Dyebook's Premium Member Services. To join Dyebook, you need to provide a valid email address, request a sign-up link and complete the registration process.

Step 2: Sign in

Sign in to purchase color formulas and to access your library, wish list, account information and order history.

Step 3: Shop for color formulas

When you purchase a color formula, Dyebook stores it in your library and you can use the tools on Dyebook to create recipes for dyeing yarn, fleece and other materials with that color. To see how it works, find some free color formulas and add them to your library.

Step 4: Create a recipe

Go to your library and click on one of your colors. Select a dyeing method and enter the required information. Click on the Submit button to create and download your recipe. It's a good idea to save your recipes as documentation for your projects.

Sample Recipe #1 Sample Recipe #2

You must have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader properly installed on your computer to view your recipes. Install it for free if you don't already have it.

Step 5: Gather your equipment and materials

Review your recipe and gather the equipment and materials that you need to dye your yarn. You can find lists of all kinds of vessels, tools and materials on the Equipment & Supplies page.

Step 6: Review the safety tips

Be sure to understand and follow all of the safety recommendations. Acid dyes are very safe to work with, but it's important to avoid inhaling or ingesting the dye powders. To be safe, always wear a mask and gloves when handling dye powders. Never use any of your dyeing vessels or tools for food preparation. Clearly label all of your vessels and tools FOR DYE USE ONLY and store them in a separate location away from food preparation utensils.

Step 7: Make your dye stock solutions

Prepare the dye stock solutions as required by your recipe. Use the Dye Stock Solution tool to create instructions for mixing up your dye stock solutions and labels for your containers. Acid dye stock solutions keep for up to six months, so you can make more than required by your recipe and have it ready for use in other projects. Use graduated cylinders or plastic syringes to measure your dye stock solutions.

Step 8: Dye your yarn

Follow the instructions in your recipe to dye your yarn.