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D.I.Y. – Dye It Yourself!

Color Mixing and Dyeing with Professional Acid Dyes

Dyebook offers color formulas, tools and resources for hand-dyers, knitters and crocheters.

Color Formulas

Did you know that you can make just about any color you want by mixing a few pure primary colors? If you're searching for color formulas for mixing colors with professional acid dyes, look no further! When you purchase a color formula, Dyebook stores it permanently in your color library and generates detailed dyeing instructions for you when you're ready to use that color in a project.

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Tools for Dyers

Dyebook provides tools that dyers at all levels of experience can use. If you're a new dyer and not sure what to do or how to do certain calculations, don't worry! The tools do the calculations for you and give you the instructions you need. If you're a more experienced dyer, you will enjoy the convenience of using the tools.

Design Tools for Knitters and Crocheters

If you're a knitter, crocheter or you just like to create colorful designs, Dyebook has some fun design tools for you. The tools let you visualize your designs and produce detailed instructions for making your projects. You don't have to be a dyer to use the design tools — just pick colors similar to your already dyed yarn and have fun seeing the amazing designs you can create!


Visit the Resources page to find all kinds of useful information that will help you to learn more about color and hand-dyeing with professional acid dyes.

Get Started

Dyebook makes color mixing and dyeing with professional acid dyes so easy. If you ever thought about using professional acid dyes, but decided not to because of the math, help is on the way. If you can dye with Kool-Aid and other food colorings, you can dye like a pro with professional acid dyes. Get started today!